KronoKeeper is a brand created one year ago by the company MisterChrono. The MisterChrono partners quickly decided to offer an even broader range of watches boxes and accessories by opening their catalog to professionals. The team from KronoKeeper develops products that perfectly meets the demands of its customers. 

Feel free to contact the team HERE if you are looking for a particular product.

KronoKeeper  Team : 


 Founder and CEO. 

 Passionate about horology he created MisterChrono to allow the aficionado to plunge into the world of watchmaking. As quickly as possible KronoKeeper was born to expand the range of products to professionals. 

 Manager and CEO of many companies recognised in the gaming industry, he offers his experience to make MisterChrono the reference store in the watch accessories world.  




 Her experience in logistics allows KronoKeeper to offer the best products on the market to its customers. 







 Manager and CEO of many companies recognised in the gaming world.