Leather watch roll for 6 watches

The "Marmotte" watch roll is made ​​from calf leather and allows you to take your watches on your travels while keeping them protected from bumps and scratches

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The Marmotte by KronoKeeper is a leather accessory which allows the transporting of watches while travelling, keeping them safe from bumps and scratches. 

Simple to use: slide your watches into the small pockets; head-to-tail, the first in one direction, the second in the other and so on ...Then you roll it on itself and fasten the velcro/leather tab to keep everything securely in place.


For up to 6 watches 

Genuine leather

6 wide slots allow you to store all of your watches, even larger sized ones

Available colors: Brown leather / Black Leather / Black-orange / Black-red / Vintage leather 

Dimensions: 41 x 17cm

Width of interior pockets: 7cm